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Jiangxi JEAVOX Development Co.,Ltd. / Shenzhen JEAVOX Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech private enterprise, which is specialized in automotive safety driving assistant system and on-board smart terminal products, and integrated design, reserach, development, production and sales and services.We are committed to provide leading technology and outstanding performance of passenger vehicle/commercial vehicle terminal products and solutions for domestic and overseas auto factory,as well as all circulation and service channels of the automotive industry. 

Jiangxi JEAVOX Development Co.,Ltd. is located in Xiushui, Jiangxi, with a registered capital of 32 million RMB.The self-built industrial park is mainly used for production and manufacturing base. 

Shenzhen JEAVOX Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Baoan, Shenzhen, as a wholly- owned subsidiary of Jiangxi JEAVOX Development Co.,Ltd, it is mainly responsible for product design, technology research and development and supply chain management


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